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Hi there. Let's be partners!

Choosing the right voice to read your story can be a daunting process. There are many great voices available, and finding the one that matches your writing voice is just the beginning.

When I take on your project, I see it as a partnershi. You and I will create something new from your labor of love. I will adopt your characters as my own.  So from the start, my commitment to you is to treat the world you’ve created with the same care as you did creating them.

For that reason, I employ a proof reader and an audio engineer to deliver  the best audio performance possible of your story. My studio is professionally treated for pristine recording , using state-of-the-art equipment found in top notch studios around the world. 

Rest assured that, while no one can guarantee 100% success in first-pass quality control – files sometimes lose data from upload to download, the errant noise somehow makes it through my ears, the proofer’s, engineers and even your ears- I can and will deliver a final product that rivals every major publisher, and your story will sit proudly next to Stephen King and  Nora Roberts.

Speaking of major publishers: As an indie author, you know that all the work that goes into creating these wonderful stories is only the start. I understand that the same principle applies to marketing your audio books. That’s why when we partner to create your audio, I stay with you the whole way.


Take a look around my site: you’ll see announcements here of upcoming projects, audio books on sale, news releases of important milestones, and more. I’m engaged with my listeners, and I keep them updated on everything I do. 

I offer behind the scenes looks at how I create audio books, interviews with their favorite authors, and exclusive giveaways, to keep us in front of our listeners. I am active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. 

When we partner, here’s what I ask from you:

  • Character bios: What do your characters look like, and sound like to you? If you could cast an actor in your character’s role, who would that be?
  • Art Work: I’ll ask for a good quality copy of your audio book cover to use in my marketing pieces
  • Your time: If you’re willing, I’d love to interview you for our listeners. They love to get to know us, and learn more about how their favorite characters come to life.

Thank you for considering me as your narrator. If you would like to learn more about partnering on your project, there are various ways we can work together: Royalty share, or straight per-finished-hour recording- single, dual, or duet recording using your favorite female voice or one of my amazing professional associates, please message me below for availability.

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